Fast Forward Freight Ltd. has an experienced export department capable of handling all of your export requirements for worry free shipping.

We can arrange for the collection of your goods with our Transportation Team or you can drop them off at our warehouse at your convenience.

We can professionally pack and/or crate any item with premium materials or we can provide you with packing material to do it yourself.

  • Packing Material
  • Crating
  • Plastic or Steel strapping
  • Palletizing
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Labeling

Fast Forward Freight Ltd. specializes in Door to Door cargo to virtually any destination worldwide. Depending on the urgency and type of cargo, we can forward your goods either by:

  • Air Cargo (there are some size and weight restrictions due to X-ray requirements)
  • Ocean Freight
  • Courier (we can offer a 15% discount on FedEx)

Export Documentation
Certain types of exports require special types of documentation either for Bermuda Customs or customs in the country of import. All export shipments must have a commercial invoice detailing the goods being shipped and the reason for export.

Product Returns/Repair
Most manufactures require that an RMA (Return to Manufacturers Advice) number be clearly marked on the invoice, the carton and all documentation, otherwise they will refuse to accept your return. Ensure that you have this information along with the method in which they want you to return the goods. Please note that most RMA shipments must be freight PREPAID and delivered to their door.

Please note that PRIOR to export, a Bermuda Customs Form 52 must be completed and presented to customs at the time of export. The F52 should contain a detail description of the goods including the serial number(s) and to whom it is being returned.

When the goods are repaired and returned to you, you must present the ORIGINAL Form 52 with the customs entry along with an invoice detailing the repair cost of the goods. Duty is only payable on the cost of the repair and generally has the same duty rate as that of the item repaired.

Product Returns/Warranty Repairs
If goods are under warranty and are to repaired or replaced at no charge, PROOF WARRANTY must be presented to customs with the Form 52 at the time of export. Failure to provide the warranty will result in the repairs being dutiable.

Temporary Import Returns
When goods that have been imported temporarily (e.g. tools of trade) are exported, a specific procedure must be followed in order to reclaim the deposit or bond that was placed at the time of import. PLEASE CONTACT OUR EXPORT DEPARTMENT.

Failure to comply with the export procedure can result in forfeiture of the duty/bond.

Duty Drawback and Refund
The refunding of duty can be accomplished with the submission of a Claim Letter addressed to the Collector of Customs. Supporting documentation must include:

  1. Proof of Export i.e. Customs endorsed Form 52 or endorsed Bermuda Customs Declaration (Entry by Deposit-Temporary Imports).
  2. Copy of Export Bill of Lading
  3. Copy of Credit issued by vendor (for refunds)

Note: Should your claim be honored by customs, you will receive the duty back but NOT the landing fee (wharfage).

Fast Forward Freight Ltd. can arrange for the completion of all export paperwork and customs documentation.